Proposal for a DARIAH working group

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Proposal for a DARIAH working group

Dear all,

following formal and informal discussions we had recently, Charles van den Heuvel, Francesco Beretta and Bernard Hours suggest that Data for History apply for a DARIAH-EU working group "Ontologies for History". Francesca Morselli, integration officer at DARIAH-EU, encourages us to do so and send us two documents :

We'll discuss all this at the Leipzig meeting but to start working now, we pasted the form in a a collaborative pad:

We invite you to participate in its writing directly in the pad. To allow changes to be tracked, remember to indicate your name by clicking on the icon representing people on the top right. You can also choose your own colour (better a pale one).

For all remarks, comments, suggestions, ideas... we suggest you use this thread rather than the pad.

Thank you for your participation!