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List of new members

As decided (cf. Member status), application of new members is open to any motivated colleague presented by one of the current members.

Between two meetings, membership applications can be submitted by the referent by sending a message to one of the members of the steering committee.

Access to the forum and mailing list will then be given to the new member as well as the addition of his/her name to the Members section of the website. However, he/she must still introduce himself/herself at the next meeting in a special session. If he/she is unable to attend, he/she can provide a written presentation of his/her project.

New member presentations should include the following information:

  • Institutions of belonging (main institution and possibly research center and/or secondary institution).
  • Short CV (past and present missions/projects).
  • Current main project.
  • Motivation to join Data for History.

List of new members with the name of their referents (* = presented himself in Leipzig):

  • Daniele Santarelli (Francesco Beretta)
  • Loïc Jeanson (Sylvain Laubé)*
  • Marie Puren (Pierre Vernus)*
  • Christopher Pollin (Georg Vogeler)*
  • Jennifer Blanke (Thomas Riechert)*
  • François Vignale (Vincent Alamercery)*
  • Bärbel Kröger (Jörg Wettlaufer)
  • Torsten Hiltmann (Thomas Riechert)*
  • Andreas Wagner (Francesco Beretta)*
  • Andreas Kuczera (Vincent Alamercery)
  • Edgard Marx (Thomas Riechert)*
  • Regina Varnienė-Janssen (Charles van den Heuvel)*
  • Torsten Schrade (Andreas Kuczera)
  • Bogumił Szady (Francesco Beretta)*
  • Guillaume Raschia (Vincent Alamercery)
  • Athanasios Velios (Vincent Alamercery)
  • Jonas Schneider (Francesco Beretta)*
  • Sebastiaan Derks (Lodewijk Petram)
  • François Haas (Francesco Beretta)
  • Ingo Frank (Francesco Beretta)*
  • Pim van Bree (Francesco Beretta)
  • Geerts Kessel (Francesco Beretta)
Introductory presentation

Hello all, I am afraid I will not be able to join you on the forthcoming meeting, but happy to wait for the next one. Are there dates published yet?

Introductory presentation

Hello, the next dates are not yet chosen. You will be informed by the mailing list as soon as they are published. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

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